About SMASH!

We are at the beginning of a new phase in the shipping industry. Knowledge and expertise remain to be crucial: technology is becoming more and more important. For example, the steering of ships remotely, the smarter sharing of information, the optimisation of waterway maintenance or the (nearly) full automation of sailing. This offers new opportunities for taking challenging steps in the area of sustainability, safety and efficiency.

In 2016, the Netherlands put itself on the map when it comes to automated driving with the successful EU Truck Platooning Challenge. For the end of 2017, we are organising a demo for het shipping industry: the Smart Shipping Challenge 2017. Because what we can achieve on the road, we can certainly achieve on the water with our combined knowledge.

Smart Shipping Challenge 2017

The Netherlands as the country of Europe for inland shipping and recreational sailing invests a lot in the use of the waterway network. To prepare for the future, now is the time to start putting smart shipping into practice. We will do this in multiple ways, including more field demonstrations: the Smart Shipping Challenge 2017 (in short: SMASH!). We make use of the knowledge and experiences of existing initiatives, technologies, knowledge institutes and various market players. Rijkswaterstaat is organising the challenge and brings many parties together to learn and profit from this exchange with each other. At the moment, we are looking together with all parties involved at how exactly to give the challenge shape. In this process, we are considering the criteria of safety, the environment, manpower, the shipping route and the type of vessel.